Designing a life-changing travel

In ancient times, human used to travel for religious pilgrimages or finding a settlement, risking their whole body and life. But today's travel became more of an act of consumption of senses, reproduction of images. We refer to the same information sources, take the same pathways to shoot the same picture as everybody else.

In Travel Design, we want to know YOUR OWN STORY and invite you on a journey that CHANGES YOUR LIFE. What has been the dreams you've always dreamed of? What is the thing that you would die to meet, feel and learn?

Our mission is to bridge the local diversity with the world. By changing your life, we want to change the world.

How we design your travel

Your Story

Let us learn who you are, what you want in your life & what your ideal travel looks like. Then, let us help your dream make come true.

Your Destination

For us, the places you visits are not merely tourist sites, but the stage where your story takes place. We work closely with the local community to find you the best travel route.

Your Documentary

We not only help your ideal trip come true, but we will walk alongside you throughout your journey and make it into a documentary film. With this process, your journey becomes a story that will inspire other people around the world.


Visit the origins of butoh dance - traveller #001

Melvin Coppalle, a young butoh dancer from France was invited to a 1 week trip of seeing the two sides of Japan: the urban and the countryside. Visiting the origins of butoh dance and meeting a teacher of butoh dance, we went through his journey of "accepting and being accepted". 

Theme: Butoh dance and Japanese culture

Mission: 1. Deepening understanding of butoh 2. Having a butoh performance in Japan

Dive into the mastery of washoku - traveller #002

"My purpose is to offer traditional Japanese food to the Japanese people in my country" With such an ambition in his heart, the young sub chef Uriel starts a journey from Guanajuato, Mexico to the Oga Peninsula in Akita, Japan. Facing the red sea bream in a foreign land for six days, Uriel tries cooking the red sea bream dishes alone on the final day of the performance.

Theme of travel: Red seabream, washoku (Japanese traditional cuisine), chef

Mission: 1. Learn the mastery of washoku 2. Master 4 Madai dishes


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