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22/04/2016              Japan Tourism Agency selected Travel Design as ‘Destination Marketing                                               Organization (DMO)
27/03/2016              Attended “Tohoku Inbound Summit”. Sponsored by Tohoku Inbound Project.


01/08/2015              Article published on Tokyo Weekender
03/02/2015              Attended Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications’ “Digital                                                           Contents Seminar”
19/01/2015              Won Akita’s Zonda Club’s Encouragement Award.
08/01/2015              Yomiuri Shimbun: A proposal to fascinate the foreigners.


02/09/2014              Omagari Fireworks and Satoyama experience broadcasted on NHK.
01/06/2014              Yomiuri Shimbun: Company founded by a student, organises ‘noson’ tour
08/04/2014              Travel Design Co. LTD founded.