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Hiroshi Susaki
Representative of Travel Design Co. LTD
13128897_10154195436804577_2089390906_oHiroshi Susaki had worked in Nagano Tateshina Grand Hotel, Artland Hotel, and Tokyo Impreial Hotel. Later he enrolled in Akita International University and founded Travel Design Co. LTD in 2014. During his employment in the hotels, he noticed that international tourists were interested in travelling in rural areas. He thought that there is a demand to globalise the local cities making him decide to settle in Akita. He shares the local’s ‘DEEPness’ that was hidden until now to the world.


Yuji Muraoka
Yuji Muraoka spent his life in Akita until he moved to Tokyo for his university. After graduation, he had worked in a recruiting company’s sales department and in IT company’s website analysis and solutions department. He had travelled around Thai, India, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. This opportunity gave him a vision that he would like to pursue, ‘To connect Akita and the World’. In 2015, he returned to Akita at the beginning of year and he started to work as a member of Travel Design from April.